When it comes to Cannabis Experiences, FLOW Events Top The List

Fancy Pants High Tea

a “Lost in the Sauce” event by FLOW

When was the last time you allowed yourself to indulge in a truly immersive experience? Fancy Pants High Tea was the first in a series of three “Lost in the Sauce” cannabis infused events, a collaboration between FLOW Event Agency and Netflix’s canna chef Ngaio Bealum.

Guests arrived before the sun went down, to a bright, high ceiling gallery tucked unassumingly in a small Sacramento shopping center. The atmosphere felt welcoming, light, and, yes… fancy. After being handed a tea (courtesy of Happy Hippie Tea Co.), THC or CBD infusion optional, event goers were then ushered into the main event. 

A large spread of gourmet tea party fare was offered; infused selections on the left side of the table, non-infused options on the right. Think Alice: both sides are delicious, one side is psychoactive. Flavor was not sacrificed in any of the dishes, which included thyme infused cream cheese and cucumber tea sandwiches, deviled eggs, avocado lime toast points, and fresh hummus. For dessert, berries with vanilla cream and petit fours. 

As the sun descended on the city of trees, the evening grew more intimate and outdoor hanging lights cast a magical glow over mingling guests. Complimentary pre-rolls were passed around and around as the night’s entertainment began and many partook in the unlimited dab bar set next to the stage. A literally glowing performance by Sacramento Hoop Dancer Allison “allisone” Worrell followed top-notch comedy performances by Ngaio and well known local comedian Wendy Lewis, aka “The Awkward Cougar”. Gallery owner Mima charmed the crowd with her eclectic style and sweet presence while Ngaio and FLOW’s Brian Owens made rounds, ensuring all were comfortable and wanting for nothing. 

The intimate vibe and artfully curated setting lent itself to a deeper connection. Performers enjoyed the full experience along with guests and only broke away from conversation, revealing themselves as the entertainment, to take the stage and invoke laughter and awe. 

Fancy Pants High Tea was an elegant and lovely end to summer, and surely sets the precedent for future “Lost in the Sauce” events. 

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