Cannabis Socials

With laws changing nationwide on the daily, it can be hard to keep up with the ins and outs of the weed industry. One thing’s for sure, cannabis culture is officially here and for a newcomer to the scene, it can be difficult to know where to start. For medicinal users especially, the typical cannabis events and seshes tend to feel daunting and less than informative.

The past several years have seen a steady and significant increase in the number of seniors who are partaking, many of whom are finally here for it BECAUSE IT’S FINALLY LEGAL! Even so, you wouldn’t exactly send your mom to a sesh where she can’t see through the cloud of low hanging weed smoke to the other side of the room. FLOW patient socials are designed to connect patients of all ages and experience levels to top-quality cannabis product options. These events feel more like a high-end farmer’s market than a house party.

Enjoy food, mocktails, live music, and raffle prizes, along with an array of cannabis products for purchase. Mingle with like-minded individuals and partake in product samples. Vendors on-site offer a large variety of products and product information, so you’ll feel comfortable asking any questions you may have. From tinctures to infused salves, from fresh bud to concentrates and edibles, there’s a product to fit every patient’s need.

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